How-To Increase Sales and Web Traffic With Regular Content

The hardest things in life are often the ones we overlook the most, believing everything you see about a specific subject can lead to brain malfunction about the specific subject. It can lead to distrusting everything that you see about the specific topic. I am talking of course about content, and how big of a part it has to play in a businesses, blogs or online stores success.

Though, more importantly, why are regular content updates possibly the new way of doing things for any business out there.

I have created content before, on how-to increase website hits, and how-to increase your blog traffic – I even linked to Neil’s guide about increasing conversion rates in just a couple of weeks.

It’s all good, and I have touched plenty of tiny, yet important things that help us move up the blogging, business ladder.

Business Ladder

Would you like to climb up that ladder and really stand out within your industry?

The fact of the matter is that there are going to be plenty of obstacles along the way, and some of the steps may even fall out on your way to the top – you’ll be in charge of making important decisions, on how-to fix and prevent steps from falling out in the future.

When we accept this “hard” truth – we can move and and learn how-to increase our sales and web traffic, by utilizing the benefits of regular content updates. I myself, I try to post at least three new content pieces every single day, except for the weekends. I include variety like news and infographics, so it all adds up eventually.

I do give content like the one you’re reading right now – the highest priority, for the highest return on time investment.

Let’s dive straight in and look at five, of what I believe are the most important, parts of any regular content strategy. You can expect to see an increase in your traffic almost immediately.

Look for Great Content Ideas

Look for Great Content IdeasAny piece of content can be taken and turned into something amazing and truly appealing to the majority of your regular and soon to be readers. The hardest part, from what I have experienced myself – seems to be believing in your content, and really seeing that unique touch you give to it. Great content doesn’t always have to come from the deepest of creative depths, an old concept can be turned into something new almost instantly. Just remember, unique content isn’t always that unique.

You should of course, look for content ideas everywhere, even on the Google keyword planner, but always to remember and remind yourself of that what you know. Next time you look for ideas, consider including your team members in the list – perhaps that big piece could be written by someone more educated on the team?

Make Intuitive Decisions

The best decisions we can make are not the ones that come from analyzed data, instead they come from our hearts and our flames for passion. This approach might seem a little spiritual, and it is – but, Lauren might help you understand the art of intuition integration in our daily lives (business, too).

I am giving you this tip because I want you to create your content intuitively, all of that research, reading knowledge you posses – I’m more than sure that you can make it work for you and others are you (think: your customers).

Create content and post it regularly, but make sure that you enjoyed creating that content – and that you feel somehow enlightened by the whole experience.

I used to think that posting what other people want, all the time, is going to make a millionaire. It turned out I had run out of energy so quickly, I started to hate my job.

Now, I love writing, and I love picking my ideas, subjects and topics through my intuition.

I hope I my intuition didn’t betray me, by nudging me about this content idea you’re reading right now!

Can You Post Every Day? Why Not?

Make Intuitive Decisions
This post by Shanna, touches the subject of posting every day ever so slightly. The main focus of that post is to inform you about the national blogging month, in which you partake a challenge of creating one new piece of content every day, though it’s also very information regarding the real benefits of daily and regular content updates.

The first question you need to ask yourself is simple: Why cannot I create at least one new piece of content every day? What is stopping me from doing so? Should I change my routine and habits to make it work?

You won’t be doing it because I’ve told you so – you’ll be doing it because it is absolutely the right thing to do.

Paying $150 a month for ~30 “top notch” articles might seem like a reasonable plan, but would you trust your own words or the words of a stranger?

Make time to post every day. It’s how you are going to increase those sales and traffic.

Promote Multiple Times

The only real thing I’d like to say about this specific way of increasing your exposure (sales and web traffic) is that some people, really hate when their news feeds get spammed with repeating content. It’s the natural way of things.

However, promoting multiple times can prove to be a great strategy, and not only because one side of the world sleeps while the other is wide awake.

Belle, from BufferApp, she has written a really great piece of how beneficial it can be to post content multiple times on your social media platforms. There is plenty of data to look at.

You might think that everyone is so eager to read your latest content piece that they will watch your social stream the moment they wake up: wrong.

Rinse & Repeat

To really narrow it down, it comes down to these four elements:

  1. Looking for Profitable, Sought After Content Ideas
  2. Making Intuitive Decisions Based on Your Knowledge and Experience
  3. Creating Content Based on Those Ideas Every Day
  4. Promoting Content More Than Once to Have Everyone See It

Rinse & Repeat

Are you already using a similar strategy? What is your success rate and how well has it performed for you? Is your sales increasing the the amount of traffic you receiving sky rocketing? I’m pretty sure it should, if you can motivate yourself to follow these simple steps :)