How-To Make Writing Content Easy and Efficient

It’s going to be as hard as you want it to be. That is what I think of tasks that require patience, knowledge and dedication. I myself, I love to observe my improvement in writing, it happens so naturally. You aren’t given the magical choice: Upgrade now, or upgrade later? It just happens.

surpriseIf you need advice on making content writing easier, there is no doubt in my mind that you are being too hard on yourself. You might be thinking that the time is all there is and that all the deadlines have to be met or otherwise the world will end. It’s not true. I struggle with completing my own deadlines, but perhaps that is because I am intentionally very hard on myself. What about you?

In no way are these tips what I would consider the golden ticket to writing easy and efficiently, but they certainly help me to stay on my schedule and get things done, while leaving me with some energy at the end of the day. I work hard for what I want, there is no such word as not enough time in my vocabulary, everything happens when it needs to happen.

Plan Ahead

If not weeks, then at least days ahead. You’re going to save yourself a lot of valuable time if you plan things like post ideas ahead of time. You should know by now how hard it can be to find post ideas and put them together. I do this once every 3 to 4 days, and I spend at least an hour or two on finding content ideas for the next couple of days.

Plan for everything, except for the unexpected. Make sure most of what you do has been previously thought of, so you are always in alignment with what you need to do. Mindless blogging is not cool.

Write Down Goals

My post about why it’s important to set daily blogging goals gained an incredible response and I am pleased that so many people were able to agree with me. If you really want to become a better blogger, and writer, you will need to put the appropriate energy into it all.

When you write down things you need to do, you give yourself the permission to allocate your own time the way you want it. You could spend the morning writing, afternoon programming and then perhaps more writing? It’s completely up to you, but once you have those goals set – you know you have to get them done.

It’s such a wonderful feeling to finish a goal every day, it takes you that much closer to your dream.

There is Always the Next Day

Often you hear other blogger say that the more content someone publishes, the lesser quality that content is going to be. I do agree that it is important to focus on quality of a blog post, than to try and post 10 different posts every day, which have no real use for anyone.

There is Always the Next DayI shuffle my posts, and I try to post something different every day, to not only make my writing more enjoyable – but to also deliver the best value I can to my loyal visitors and subscribers. It is an important part of my blogging career, and I believe it might be of yours, too.

Be gentle on yourself, when you don’t get to finish something in time. You can always fast forward to the next day and get it done then. The more hard you are going to be on yourself, the more stress will arise. Writing and stress don’t really go together, you should know that by now.

Every Distraction Counts

They are our worst enemies, distractions. I have no reason not to be honest, but something dragged my butt over to Twitter just now and I had to check the latest retweet. It is annoying, but you have to deal with it – until it disappears as a habit.

Every time you will acknowledge that you have been distracted, you will already be a step closer to being distraction free.

The tiniest things can take our attention and we can become forgetful of what we even had to do in the first place.

Don’t judge yourself, just move on when it does happen.

You can head over to ChattyPost, to check out a few other tips to stay on top of the content creation game.

Take Little Breaks

The last tip for becoming a more effective writer is to take and reward yourself with little breaks. It could be after every blog post, or it could after every third blog post. It’s up to, you know better how you feel after a certain amount of work has been done.

Take Little Breaks

Observe yourself and find out when is the best time to take a short 10 minute break. In those 10 minutes you can calm down the mind, and when you return to the work-desk, you can freely continue doing what you need to do, without trying to think about much of what was the last thing you did.

Share Your Experience

Are you a full-time writer? I would love to hear from you, and how you manage your own time. How do you make writing easy for yourself? Did any of my tips and personal experiences related with you? I’m always ready to jump into discussion :)