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Yes, you heard that right. I am saying that you can learn iPhone programming from home. Well, let me tell you about it. Here is how you can become an expert iOS developer by dedicating a few hours every day depending upon how quickly you can learn. I have explored some useful online resources after thorough research and I have found something interesting.

But, before we move ahead, let me explain you about it that why you should take it more seriously. Last month we heard about Apples iOS9 update which spread like fire as soon as it was leaked, so there is and also will be a great market for iOS application developers and the trend is not disappearing anytime soon. So, if you are a professional or even an amateur programmer, then what can be more satisfying than developing your own apps that work on an iPhone? You may be one amongst those who are fascinated with the world of programming and would want to learn it from scratch. Well, in that case you can definitely start today with iPhone programming.

Alright, so coming back to our topic:

There are a plenty of tools and resources like e-books, tutorials, video lectures and many more, where you can learn iOS development securely and with best practices. You may not find them for free, though I have tried exploring those options as well. Eventually, I have come up with this list of top 10 online resources to learn iPhone programming. They may be paid or free but the crux is that they are available from some of the most authentic and reliable sources on the digital space.

1. iOS Developer Library

Apple’s official site has abundant resources to provide training on iOS development. It offers study material and reference guides for learning Swift and Objective-C programming language. The guide includes written tutorials, which consist of code examples with lucid explanations. At the end of the course, one can easily learn to develop applications for iOS8 and OS X Yosemite operating systems.


Today, there are many popular blogs out there offering courses on relevant topics in technology. On RAYWENDERLICH, one can find a plethora of resources to learn iPhone programming. The blog is an online platform to learn application and game development. It is quite popular amongst professional programmers, developers and gaming enthusiasts. RAYWENDERLICH is a robust medium for beginners to kick-start their programming journey. The site contains written as well as video tutorials on the latest technologies dominating the web space. You can learn application development for iOS and OS X as well as game development with Sprite Kit. Moreover, it RAYWENDERLICH offers a bunch of video tutorials on Swift and Objective-C.

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3. AppCoda

Unlike RAYWENDERLICH, AppCoda is a blog providing online courses only for iOS development. It has a free course in iPhone programming, which is especially designed for beginners. The curriculum is based on a text-based tutorial for learning iOS 8 programming with Swift. It is an elaborate course with practical exercises to learn from as well as project examples to work alongside. At the end of the tutorial, you will learn to develop applications for iOS 8 using Swift.

4. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a popular question and answer web forum that particularly deals with technology-related topics. The site facilitates group discussions and exchange of information or ideas. It is an ideal platform to discuss complex issues related to programming or to solve each other’s queries. To sum it up, a self-learner’s educational pursuit is incomplete without Stack Overflow.

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5. Code School

Code School offers an online Objective-C programming course for learning iOS 7 and iOS 8 application development. One of the reasons why Code School is a preferred destination for online learning is because of its theme-based, interactive learning approach. Code School imparts professional training through engaging and entertaining audio/video educational content. It is truly one of the unique features of Code School to provide game-based creative learning environment powered with in-browser coding challenges.

6. Alison

Alison’s video-based tutorials are a great resource to learn the fundamentals of iPhone programming. The course curriculum consists of learning material from Stanford University. Upon completion of the course, you will have learned to program for functions for various iPhone features related to camera, accelerometer and location. Also, you will learn Objective-C programming for iOS application development.

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7. Udemy

Udemy is a digital learning hub for beginners and professionals alike. It stores several instructor-led video tutorials from popular sources on various iPhone programming topics. It has both paid and free instructional video lectures given by expert professionals and eminent professors from the industry.

8. MIT

MIT offers text-based tutorials for building iPhone applications using Objective-C language and the latest Cocoa Touch platform. The site has links to download e-books in PDF formats for the various topics covered under the course. The course’s learning outline includes Objective-C, interface building, data fetching and storage, Cocoa Touch functions and more.

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9. ManiacDev

ManiacDev is a great hot spot for learning iOS game and application development. The site contains useful resources in the form of text-based tutorials, open-source libraries, information on software tools, examples from real projects and more. ManiacDev is equipped with necessary resources to provide training on the various aspects of technology. It is suitable for learning iPhone programming in detail with comfortable ease.

10. Slideshare

Slideshare is a knowledge-sharing platform where a large amount of professional content is uploaded for the benefit of its users. It can be anything ranging from research project to professional presentation. On Slideshare, one can easily find a gamut of video-based tutorials, powerful presentations and other relevant resources on iOS development. The quality of content is quite good considering the kind of people who upload it and the number of people who share it.

So, if you are a self-learner then there is no dearth of online resources and that is why, I have listed down these 10 best online resources to learn iPhone programming all by oneself.

The fact that you have hit this blog post underlines one important thing about you. And, me, as well. Our love for iPhone. We all love them. And, with the latest release of Swift, it just got more cemented. Everything about an iPhone is exciting. I mean, the user interface, the features, the applications, games, Steve Jobs and iTunes. Just everything.

Metaphorically speaking, there is a similarity between iPhone lovers and fans of a popular football club (Take Chelsea, for example). They are crazy and they will never change loyalties. On this note, with utmost faith that you will completely rock it, I wish you success in your endeavor. Good Luck.