Coinify is an Android app that delivers ads on your mobile device and pays you just for receiving push notifications. You make money from ads that you’re interested in. You control how much you make. You set the limit on the number of pushes. Coinify is all about you. Cash out when you want. $1, $10, or even $1000. Get your cash when you want to. Anytime. Anywhere. All day long. Even while you sleep, you can make money.

To start with, Coinify is only currently available for Android, which makes me question if Apple store has declined this tool straight away. It shouldn’t be a problem, as Android is dominating the mobile market anyway.

Bitcoin has definitely been a hot topic around the valley lately. We’ve seen enable Bitcoin payments, then a billionaire from Romania saved OpenBSD (which ended up being saved by the community as a whole), TipperCoin came out with a tool to send Bitcoins over Twitter and long before we knew – WordPress Bitcoin plugins were circling the web. I guess I forgot about the Bitcoin suicide hotline!


That’s enough of promotion, but at the same time – it’s the type of promotion you can expect to receive on your mobile device, if you agree with having Coinify send you push notifications to your smartphone. You won’t have to think much of it, as the general idea behind the application is to simple serve you with ads from select publishers, although there is no information about the publishers right now.

It does mention the fact that you’ll be able to select the type of ads you want to see, which hints at the fact that there might be multiple publisher who want you to see their ads – it could also mean that Coinify is self-promoting. I honestly haven’t got a clue, until someone from their management teams steps in and clears the air.

I think those are reasonable doubts and questions that not only myself, but other people would like to know – as it seems sort of too good to be true style at the moment. $1000 from push notifications? How long would that take me? If that’s the kind of money I can make – I’ll gladly buy 10 smartphones and leave them on for months, then rake in my millions :)