30 Quick & Easy Methods to Build Backlinks for Free

I am fond of building backlinks, it’s a great way to learn more about the industry and methods that work well, fairly well and some that don’t work at all. I have talked about backlinks on CodeCondo a little bit already. I have discussed the tips that Google is giving to guest bloggers, the 3 methods for quality link building, the benefits of mentioning influential people and the secret essence of quality backlinks. All of which are useful and will stay like so for at least a couple more years.

This list of methods for building backlinks, while not the most ground breaking – is a good reminder of what Google likes and considers okay when checking for the quality of links. While not using many of these methods myself, I know they are good and can work wonders. It’s hard to follow what everyone else is saying, so having a list of 19 different tips gives you some room to think about your link building strategy.

19 Quick & Easy Methods to Build Backlinks for Free

I’m always eager to hear what my readers use to promote their websites, a comment is more than welcome! :)

Well, they clearly work since you are reading this one. Lists are still the strongest and most shared content on the web, the way points are narrowed down in a single post makes it easy to read and scan through, so it happens that often people don’t read the whole thing, but quickly look for things they need/want the most.

Charts & Graphs
ChartGO is a good place to start if you are looking to create free charts and graphs based on statistics you have found. Charts just like lists are one of the types of content people are after, the value such content gives nothing else can replace.

Be Yourself
If you want to build credibility (and links!), you will need to present yourself in a professional manner to your visitors and people who you might develop relationships with. There is nothing worse than trying to hide behind a pseudonym.

Let people find you on social networks, and perhaps include an image in your ‘About’ page as well, it can only do good.

Expose Unfair Activity
Being a webmaster means you are always looking, finding and learning. Sometimes you stumble upon what seems suspicous activity, and you cannot figure out what to do. Most of the time, you just leave it be and move on. I want to encourage you to do the opposite thing, to expose these unfair activities and let the person doing it pay.

At the end of the day, we ourselves are paying, the amount of Google algorithm changes we are being presented with speaks for itself.

Know of any unfair schemes going on, but not sure what to do? You can always contact me and I will take a closer look for you, I will be sure to mention your sincerity. :)

Polls, Quizzes
The reason this is a good link building method is because people love to hear the results, not the initial answer they had given. By hosting quizzes/polls for a week or so, you can gain enough people to signup for them to have a decent study present after.

Article Submission
Already discussed, please check the beginning of the post for the link…

Press Release
Still a good way to gain the momentum you need, a lot of premium services out there – offering PR submissions to some major news outlets, including Google News. Be careful though, as some are very fishy and might ruin your rankings. Check for reviews before you do anything stupid.

Breaking News
In tech industry there aren’t that many breaking news happening, not all the time not…although when something like that does happen, it’s a party for everyone! Breaking news are a good way to gain momentum for a day or two, but in those few days you can bet that someone will have linked to your content.

Link Directories
Still worth submitting to. You just have to find the right ones. Many have gone premium only and require payment to be listed, but you can still find some really good ones that Google will consider as a quality link.

Your Own Link Directory
Have you thought about creating your own link directory? Why not? It’s a great way to connecting with other webmasters, and you don’t have to make it premium either. Maybe make one that is niche oriented?

Online Forums
Also, still a good place to be. I have created a list of online marketing forums in the past, but I wouldn’t be of help for other niches. It’s easy to find them with a simple Google search “niche” + forums

Google Groups
Be careful, but also be smart. Answer peoples questions and queries and you just might earn yourself some juicy links.

Look for products, services and websites that accept user feedback and publish it on their site… write an amazing review of that service and get it published to their website, often with a link back to your site. Don’t try to fool yourself by reviewing services you don’t own.

Comment Where Possible
Not only blogs, but guestbooks and picture galleries count too..leave insightful and meaningful comments on everything you see and read…well, actually don’t go over board and try to leave at least 10-15 good comments every week, it will eventually start to pay off.

You could consider this as buying links, but I don’t believe that is the case. (It actually is, if your intention is so.) Some websites will accept donations and publicly list the people that donated, including their websites or social media profiles, take this to your advantage. If you have got a lot of money to spare, chances are you can guarantee yourself a spot on some really credibly websites.

Established Websites
To avoid the initial phases of blogging, simply purchase a website that is already established, make sure it is at least 6 months old, this way you will have a site to use that already has links, and getting such a site to rank higher will only require a few more tactics.

Such sites don’t cost more than $200 on Flippa, think about the amount of time you will be saving.

Spy the Competition
See what the competition is doing and how well their content is performing, who is linking back to them and why? All this information is crucial if you want to build links and rank higher.

I hope to create a list of tools in the future that will showcase the most popular marketing and search tools on the web.

Internal Linking
When you write blog posts, link to other content on your website. Just like I have done it in this post, at the beginning. Internal linking is still one of the best methods for building links these days, Google loves to know where is what.

Review Products
Reviews of news websites, startups, products, etc,. etc,. can benefit you in the long term as more people start using these things, more people will want to read reviews and know if the product is what it says to be.

There are countless other methods that you can use, torrent upload or submitting to software sites…It’s all about how deep you want to go and how bad do you actually need the links.

Think of all the legitimate link building techniques, and ask yourself would you rather learn and work hard, or learn and make no use of that knowledge.