Must Use Tricks for writing Social Media Posts

A perfect social media post never exists.

You must have already checked out a dozen posts in search of some useful tips for writing social media posts that will garner online traffic and viewer engagement.

The overall nature of social media and the trends on various social media platforms change very frequently. Thus, content marketers constantly update their knowledge about writing a post that can go as viral as possible on social media.

There are some general tips to follow while writing a good social media post that can bring it closer to perfection. Alright, so let us take a look at it.

1) Bold Headlines:

Let us be honest. Writing an attention-grabbing headline is very important. Be it a press release, a news article or a blog post. Compelling headlines motivates readers to click on the article and start reading. Headlines serve as the doors to your social media posts. It does not matter if the posts are short or long. You got to make people to walk through that door.

2) Relevant content:

Always remember your primary purpose of writing a blog or a social media post. Do not deviate from the subject line. It is important that once a reader starts reading your post, he should be kept engaged till the end.

3) Powerful CTAs:

A clear and precise call-to-action button will make your readers understand your motives and drive them to perform the desired action. So, do not be hazy about it and do not neglect CTAs. After all, any post is about expanding the horizons of your brand. So, be vocal about the bonus offers, discount deals or sign-up pop-ups which you intend to promote.

4) Key Takeaway point:

It is important to craft a content strategy before you embark upon your pursuit. Allow your post to seamlessly convey ideas or information while making it appear to be a part of the larger picture. This will make your audiences keep coming back for more.

5) Keyword Optimization:

Include relevant keywords in your post to allow search engines to spot your content for users. But, do not write long posts stuffed with repetitive content or keywords. Beware of Google Panda and avoid redundancy.

6) Analyze the objectives of your audiences:

As a content marketer, if you fail to understand the needs of your audiences then your posts will never serve any purpose. It is okay if your posts get maximum shares and views but they are useless if they do not get you any leads. Your post should make complete sense about who are your target audiences, what are their needs and what have you got to offer them.

7) Use Google analytics:

Any data that lets you figure out the performance of your posts is crucial. Hence, analytics tools that supply you with such data should be used. There are a lot of such tools that let you know about how your readers engage with your content. You can analyze the collected data and research before you craft your next post. All this helps in bringing improvements in your online marketing strategy.

8) Multimedia

You should use relevant videos, images and other types of media content to stay in the competition and create an impact by creating posts that suit multiple platforms.

Social media marketers follow some useful tips while generating a variety of multimedia content for various social media platforms. So, here are some platform-specific guidelines to remember.

1) Youtube

Youtube has long been hailed as one of the greatest platforms for video marketing. So, if you want to publish videos on Youtube then always remember the following things.

  • Title – A compelling title that will drive users to click on your video is essential. It is advisable to keep the length of your title up to 70 characters.
  • Thumbnails – You can use thumbnails to attract more online traffic (1280 x 720).
  • Keywords – You need to include keywords and tags to cause your video content rank better on the search engine result pages.
  • CTAs – You can try to include CTAs at the end of your video. For instance, a) inviting viewers for a chat, b) prompting them to schedule a product demo, c) providing links to specific landing pages or relevant product pages on your website or d) making them initiate a phone call to allow you to give more information about your product which you just promoted.
  • Transcribe – You can transcribe your video and convert it in to a blog post. This will help search engines to find relevant content or posts featuring your video.

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2) Facebook

Facebook is one of the most loved social networking sites out there. So, it is important to consider a few things before creating a post to update on Facebook.

  • Images – Facebook posts featuring images are shared more frequently than those which do not include one. So, be sure to use a relevant image that can grab the attention of your audiences (image size: 800 x 600).
  • Status – A concise status update that can compel users to click on your post is a must. Moreover, provide links (short links) to create an impact.
  • Mobile-friendly – Since a majority of your fans will check out your post on their smart phones and tablets, be sure to include images and designs which are responsive and mobile-friendly.

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3) Twitter

Twitter is a powerful marketing platform to use for your branding campaigns.

  • Tweets – Limit your tweets to 140 characters without ignoring any punctuation or grammatical rules.
  • Multimedia – Use images and videos to make your Twitter post more appealing for your fans to share.
  • Engage– You can use facts, statistics and figures to create an impact. Moreover, you can use mentions to engage influencers with your Twitter post.

P.S. – Do not forget Hash Tags.
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As mentioned earlier, a perfect social media post never exists. But, using a few content marketing tips, we can definitely create a post which is more perfect than our previous one. Besides, there are a lot of social media platforms out there and it is quite an achievement to master the techniques of even a single one. For instance, when using Tumblr, one has seven options to choose from while crafting a post, since it offers seven post categories. Hence, social media marketers need to continue to experiment with their content marketing strategies and explore new tactics for driving social media traffic.