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All you need to know about Mobile SEO in 2015
With the rise of smart phones all the websites available online are keen to launch their mobile version as well. Even some e-commerce giants have announced that they will be soon shutting down their website and will be migrating their services to mobile version. The mobile sites have penetrated market to such an extent that they account for more than 50% of overall traffic. So there is a need for mobile website optimization where a website is designed to be viewed on screen of different sizes. Mobile optimization makes sure the website has a proper design and structure and is able to provide a user friendly experience to your visitors.

It shouldn’t surprise you that Google has altered its algorithm to focus more on mobile friendly search. With these changes it’s high time to optimize your websites and online practices. The mobile websites are lightweight and can be loaded within minutes.

The majority of the traffic on your website is diverted from search engine. Search engines are driven by text and they crawl the web to find relevant content. Based on search query the user has entered the search engines tries to find the best resources available on the web and displays it according to the relevance.

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What is Mobile SEO??

what is mobile seo
Mobile SEO is a way of performing search engine optimization to increase the visibility of your website. With the number of users diverting to mobile the competition to remain at the top of search engine is becoming even stiffer. Though, the basic rule for optimization remains the same whether it is mobile SEO or local search engine optimisation. The website which is able to provide solution to the user’s query in minimum amount of time ranks higher.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have started favouring those websites which have mobile friendly website over those which do not provide mobile optimized website.

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When designing and optimizing website for mobile you should always keep limitations in mind like poor battery life, intermittent internet connection and slow processors. So you must ensure that you are using smaller images and lower quality videos to ensure your pages load quickly even on low bandwidth connection.

User Friendly Experience

The website should be simple and must load quickly. It should be easy to navigate, must have clean URL and should have proper redirections. The user friendly experience not only facilitates viewer but is also an important factor for mobile SEO as the crawler can easily crawl through your website and can traverse each and every page.

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Local Search Optimization

Majority of people searching the internet are looking for information about local contents. You should optimize website for mobile according to the local searches. You must know what the offerings of your website are so that you can optimize site for mobile according to the local market. You must mention your full address which includes details such as city, country, state and zip code so that search engines could locate you.

Identify Mobile Keywords

There is a lot of difference between keywords that you use on desktop and mobile devices. Due to difference among these platforms you should carefully track the keywords for making mobile optimized site to know whether it is serving the targeted audience. You can use tools such as Google webmaster to make a list of keywords trending for your mobile seo strategy.

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Remove Flash element

Mobiles don’t support flash elements and so it must be removed. It is one of those best practice which is in trend for years but still many companies ignore it. Though search engines can identify the flash components but for mobile users these banners, audio and video are not accessible.

Remove mobile popups

Make your Mobile phone surf quicker, and save money, by blocking pop-up advertisements on your smartphone browser.

Pop-up ads are the most disturbing kind of elements. Annoying, potentially disastrously affluent on a mobile set. Downloading hefty web-pages consumes plenty of data: you don’t need the extra cost of giving to load up an ad man’s promotion message.

Why Mobile SEO is so important?

Over the recent ages, it has converted obvious that the multi-screen web will be the future of online world. No tactic or strategy is prompt for every commerce and there is on no occasion an assurance that Google or any other search engines will exuberant your site upper, but by integrating the techniques offered in this editorial, you can be well prepared to recover your SEO exertions.

As 2015 is kicking off, Search engines aren’t out to mark SEO work more difficult, they are simply exasperating to deliver the best conceivable experience for their consumers, somewhat should be a top precedence for your occupational as well. By gruelling a website or content that is not up to par on mobile devices, search engines encourage a competitive atmosphere that drives many big business to improve their online occurrence and user know-how for their clients.