Top 5 Most Viewed Posts on CodeCondo in December 2013

This could form into a habit rather quickly, it’s only 12 of them I have to do every year, and it seems like a lot of bloggers are already taking advantage of monthly roundups to make it easier for readers like you and me, find the best content.

I only started actively sharing content last month, so there isn’t a whole lot of variety available. All those factors aside, one of the posts was able to generate a whopping 7,000 views in just a few short days, pretty happy about that.

Yoga & Blogging – Writing in Stillness [Infographic] Roundup

This was the most viewed post of December, 2013. It’s now almost 8k views and it’s still going. Much of the success was mostly because a successful Reddit submission.

The post itself is my take on yoga and how I believe it can help bloggers and writers alike to increase their potential and gain more clarity over their life. The benfits of yoga are beyond amazing and I can only warn you that the side effect is happiness.

3 Tools to Help You Find the Best Twitter Hashtags Roundup

I have a feeling I will be updating, making a followup to this post in the very near future, considering how well it performed.

As a blogger I need ideas for content, it’s a the way things are, and without ideas I haven’t got content to share. This is why I felt getting a post together for Twitter tools that help research hashtags was a good idea, and so it was.

Inspirational Google Facts for Businesses to Learn From [Infographic] Roundup

We all should look up to Google and learn the qualities of a successful business and an amazing community. Google search tips might be good enough for amusement, but finding out that Google is currently serving roughly 650,000,000 daily visitors is pretty crazy.

Top 6 Social Networking Sites That Will be Important in 2014 Roundup

They might be the same social networks that we saw this year, but we are definitely going to see drastic changes very soon. I feel that Facebook will start taking a fall and will remain only as a platform for brand advertising for the next couple of years. It’s really serving no purpose to the humanity, other than wasting its time.

Top 11 Google+ Communities for Bloggers Roundup

Google Plus is growing at a steady rate, and the amount of intelligent discussion it offers, nothing comes even close to it. I love the Google Plus community because it is so engaging and globalized. I hope to make more content in the future, that will present a list of communities from a variety of niches. – Personalized Online Presence (Early Access) Roundup

I was impressed by the design, and even more impressed when I found out it is powered by Django, the python web framework.

Typify has got a chance to shine and I hope it will take it. I have seen people complain about the domain name already, but there is hardly any competition in this market.


What do you think, community? Was this roundup alright, and should I improve somewhere? I was thinking pictures, but then again…it is only a roundup.