10 Tactics to Generate More Leads and Traffic for a Website_670

A website is a good channel to introduce people with the company and its business. It is a powerful medium to promote or advertise about a business and its products/services. With the advent of social media and search engine optimization (SEO), a website is not simply limited to building a company’s brand but has also taken a leap towards generating revenue. Today, there are several ways to attract traffic on a website but that is simply not enough. Employing techniques to generate leads and convert traffic have also become important. After all, a website should be able to yield profits by selling its products and services to customers. So, here are 10 effective ways that will enhance your chances of generating leads and revenue through a website.

1) Search Engine Optimization

Though it is not advised to rely heavily on SEO, pushing keyword-specific content is still a norm to rank higher on a search engine’s results page. But, you should optimize your content for different kinds of searches, such as video, news, image and academic search.

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2) Pay-Per-Click

A PPC campaign is an effective way for both start-ups and large-scale firms to attract potential visitors on to your website by placing enticing advertisements. Of course, you need to be prudent enough in designing attractive ads that offer some great deals that will compel a customer to click on your ad.

3) Call Button

It is important to build a responsive design of your website and enhance its functionality to make it compatible for working across several devices. Today, a modern consumer is using a smart phone with an internet connection. So, there is every possibility that he is browsing through a mobile device. Including a clickable call button beside your ad can prove to be very effective as a person may instantly initiate a call.

4) Call Tracking

You can make use of call tracking services to gather vital information about your customers. You can use this data to determine the specific geographical location and the specific time periods during which you receive a majority of your calls. Moreover, you can record calls to analyze the performance of your sales team. To sum it all, call tracking will help you to evaluate your sales and marketing strategy. Several third-party Call Tracking software products are available in the market.

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5) Using Heat Map tools

Knowing how a visitor engages with your website can shed light on consumer behavior. Using tools like CrazyEgg will allow you to know where a visitor clicks, on which part of your website he is spending most of his time and how far down he is scrolling the web pages. You can use this information to move your ads to areas that will attract more clicks.

6) Exit Pop-up Offer

It is very likely that a visitor leaving your website may not return anytime soon. So, trying your luck with an exit pop-up offer is not such a bad idea. A lucrative discount deal, purchase offer or any relevant ad may compel a visitor to stay back.

7) Social Media

Engaging with customers on social media platforms can be very beneficial. You can use websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more not only for marketing but also for lead generation. Updating your readers about your company’s recent developments, conferences, tradeshows and other activities on social media is a great way to engage. You can place links in your posts or content to direct readers to your website or specific landing page. Moreover, you can try options like Twitter Lead Generation Cards and other similar alternatives to explore opportunities on social media sites.

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8) Use Videos

Modern consumers engage more with graphical and visual content than with text. Hence, creating product videos and interactive landing pages can surely help you in driving traffic to your website. You can use tools like PowToon and GoAnimate to produce engaging visual content for your website.

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9) SlideShare

If you have not yet considered SlideShare as a way to generate leads, you are probably missing out on something very important. With an online traffic of more than 60 million monthly visitors, marketing your company on SlideShare can get you more visitors on your website. You can place links to your website within your SlideShare presentations and it will work wonders for you.

10) Google Analytics

An online marketing and lead generation strategy is not complete without web analytics. Statistical data about the number of clicks, identifying major traffic sources, number of visits and such other valuable information is definitely the key to success. Market research is important before devising any strategy.


Social media is a vast field and exploring newer ways is very important to stay in the game. For instance, Quora is a popular question and answer online forum with a dedicated online community. Engaging with readers on Quora by answering questions can help you to build a trusted brand image. Moreover, options such as using a live chat and including testimonials on your website is also a good alternative.

Today, online marketers are trying out various available options to attract traffic and generate leads. Newer techniques are being discovered and experimented with to test their credibility. I am not suggesting that you should discard your old tactics completely but embracing the newer trends can yield more business and profit in this competitive world. Moreover, the key note is to use a combination of tools and techniques to enhance the overall performance of your marketing strategy.