The Best Social Media Platforms for Small Business Owners

Are you tired of being indecisive and not having the right information you need in order to promote your business on the social platform that will really benefit you and your business? Let me clear some air for you.

There certainly isn’t one best social media platform that you should be a part of. It can change at any given time and you could end up having spent valuable time on not so valuable social platform. Few weeks ago I made the post for top social networking sites in 2014, you should definitely check it out and see what the trend is going to be like.

Then you should move on to learning how to promote content easily and efficiently. There are a couple of social platforms that stand out when it comes to best ROI. It might seem like a lot to digest, but don’t forget the benefits of social media marketing.

You can skip the reading and instead just follow on with this post. I won’t be specifying one particular network that you should most definitely be a part of, because there isn’t one. Your business is different from mine and while you could be benefiting the most from Facebook, I’d be engaging people on Google+. You might be selling toys for kids, while I’m selling WordPress products. They love them more on Google+.


It’s simple, it’s elegant and it’s on the freakin’ TV! It’s the social media platform that you should DEFINITELY be a part of. It’s one of the reasons I have put together posts like why you should avoid purchasing Twitter followers, how-to get more followers naturally, tools for finding Twitter hashtags and how Twitter can help your blogging efforts, and of course a couple more tools for getting those followers.

Signup on Twitter right away, if you haven’t. You will be instantly able to follow everyone that relates to you and your business, and you can always ask your friends to spread the word about you. It’s that simple. I find that Twitter helps me find like-minded people really easy. Everyone from every single industry is on Twitter to be found, including popular book authors and artists. Go get em!


Is more of a social media platform for younger generations and young business owners who only spend time on their news feed to find something funny or emotionally attracting. I know it’s only what I think, but to this day Facebook hasn’t proved to be of any value for my technology blog, although it’s a little bit better performing for one my self-improvement projects.

Take a look at any popular Facebook page from your niche and you will instantly know if it is for you or not. The comments are usually spastic and full of people trying to defend their egos.


Google Plus used to be the new kid around the block that nobody knew anything about, it was on the line of being accepted or being declined. It turned out for the best, as now Google+ has been connected with services like YouTube, and the only way you’re going to leave a comment on a video is by having a Google+ account.

It’s of course, Google’s business plan and strategy – and was meant to go down that route from the very early beginning. Google+ is great for creating new connections, with people who seem to be more technologically oriented than you might find on other social media platforms.